CEO's Statement

A warm welcome to R&R Ice Cream, the multi award-winning ice cream manufacturer which - in just over 25 years - has grown to become Europe’s largest own label ice cream manufacturer.  The name may still not be familiar to many people but the products we make are certainly well-known right across Europe and are bought and enjoyed by millions of consumers.

We supply a wide range of own label products to nearly 40 supermarket groups in the UK and mainland Europe such as Tesco, Asda, Aldi, Edeka, Carrefour, Auchan, Lidl and Bedronka. The business is also well-known for leading ice cream and lolly brands such as Nestlé, Mondelēz, Kelly’s of Cornwall, Landliebe, Oasis, Zielona Budka, Del Monte,
and Vimto.

Our product range is truly exceptional and includes cones, choc bars, lollies, push-ups, family value tubs, premium tubs, frozen yoghurt, mousses, ice cream rolls and many other desserts. Whether your preference is for something indulgent or healthy, plain or
multi-flavoured, for kids or adults, on a stick or in a cone, on the beach or at home, then R&R has the ideal product for you. 

Our products are made at the most modern production sites in the UK, France, Italy, Germany and Poland, all of which are certified to the higher EFSIS (European Food Safety Inspection Service) levels.

As you will see from our history, R&R Ice Cream originally emerged from two separate ice cream businesses.  One – Roncadin – based in Germany and the other – Richmond Ice Cream – that started out in the north of the UK as a regional supplier to supermarkets. 
We have since also integrated Rolland and Pilpa, based in France and Eskigel, in Italy.

However, all areas of our business, throughout the Group, share a passion for product innovation, a commitment to lowering manufacturing costs and a determination to exceed customer expectations.  This has been combined with an ability to recruit the most talented people available so that we have built professional teams dedicated to taking R&R forward.

The business has enjoyed phenomenal success so far and the passion which has built R&R burns as strongly as ever and will ensure our continued success.

CEO Signature

Ibrahim Najafi
Group CEO – R&R Ice Cream