R&R - A Responsible Business

As a leading European ice cream manufacturer, we are committed to serving our customers, looking after our staff and supporting the communities where they live and work. We also recognise our wider corporate responsibility for issues such as protecting
the environment.

This is a summary of our CSR (Corporate and Social Responsibility) commitment:-

  • As the largest Private Label ‘take home’ economic ice cream manufacturer in Europe we make a significant contribution every year to the economies of the countries in which we operates, through both direct and indirect taxes such as corporation tax, business rates, National Insurance/social tax and climate change levy.

    In the UK we are based in the North of England (Leeming Bar and Skelmersdale) and in the West Country (Bodmin) providing more than 950 jobs and careers across these sites.
    We also have sites on mainland Europe in Germany (Osnabruck), France (Brittany, Charente and Bordeaux), Italy (Terni) and Poland (Mielic) employing in total, over 3,500 staff.  There has been significant capital investment in our factories to both secure existing jobs and create new opportunities.

  • We aim to be a good employer, treating people fairly at all times to ensure we attract and retain the best staff. We value people and their contribution, irrespective of age, sex, disability, sexual orientation, race, colour, religion or ethnic origin. Our culture is to develop the skills and knowledge of all our employees. We are widely recognised as an employer who is committed to training and developing its staff so equipping them with the skills, knowledge and expertise needed to ensure the company retains its marketing leading position.

  • We believe we understand our customers better than our competitors and we are innovative and creative in looking to meet their needs.  We are committed to being honest and fair in all our dealings with our customers and suppliers, using terms of business that provide clarity and protection, to ensure we deliver products to the agreed standards.
    We closely guard the information they entrust to us and never use it improperly.

    We are committed to ensuring that the principles of the ETI (Ethical Trading Initiative) Base Code on worker welfare are followed throughout our businesses including cascading this through the supply chain with the suppliers of the products we buy, maintaining, developing and improving standards through annual audits based on the ETI standard.

  • We strive to be a good corporate citizen with a responsibility to work in partnership with the communities in which we operate. Each year we donate a percentage of our profits to local charities as well as providing indirect giving in terms of free-of-charge products or employee support. We have selected two main charities with a strong focus on children - Hope and Homes for Children and the Archbishop of York’s Youth Trust , which have received donations totalling over £75,000 from the business during the past year. In addition, our employees raised a further£15,000 through payroll giving and charity events.

  • We're committed to conducting our business with an ethically and socially responsible attitude and treating employees, customers, suppliers and shareholders in a fair, open and honest manner. As a business we are regularly audited by our customers. We also measure our progress through staff satisfaction surveys and KPI measures.

  • We maintain healthy and safe working conditions and operate in an environmentally responsible manner. We carry out regular risk management audits to identify areas for improvement. Minimising the impact we make on the environment is important to us and we are committed to continual environmental improvement and pollution prevention, which has enabled us to reduce our carbon footprint across the Group by over 2% in the past year and to reduce the waste going to landfill to less than 3% annually.

  • We aim to manage our business in a responsible manner by using KPIs that help us focus on our goals and assess our business, health & safety and environmental performances.

    We believe that sound and demonstrable performance in relation to corporate social responsibility policies and practices is a fundamental part of business success.